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Based in Baltimore Maryland, Jason is a senior solutions architect, focused on real time marketing and internet of things. His career has been focused on digital and real time marketing since 1997, starting as a web developer. Jason’s work has been published in Sport Compact Car magazine, Baltimore Sun, Very Best of Virginia, Warren County Report, City Paper (Baltimore) and Baltimore Guide. He has also been interviewed on nationally televised broadcasts including CNN, Canada’s CTV Television Network, and Warren County headline news.

Previously, Jason founded several online websites/startups during the .com boom (sold), has helped co-found a startup in New York City which was ranked among the best places to work in New York City (Conductor), worked for Optimost in New York City which was acquired by Interwoven and Autonomy (Cambridge, England), and worked at BeckITSystems in Washington DC, helping pioneer electronic medical records (EMR). Also, Jason has worked jointly with the CMO Council and Harvard Business review, co-presenting research related to real time marketing. Jason has worked with some of the elite fortune 100 companies including NBC, CNN, MetLife, General Motors, Toyota, AIG, New York Times, and LL Bean, helping them reach their online marketing goals.

In his free time Jason enjoys investing in real estate in the Shenandoah Valley, growing grapes and making wine at his family winery, and taking endless photos of his pug and boston terrier.

Have fun!